Friday, October 26, 2012

Bag Mountain!

Today we counted bags and we got 8224 bags. Monday is our last day to collect and count bags. If you have any bags please send them in! -Elly
In our classroom we have hardly any room. We have too many bags! I wonder when they are picking the bags up! -Rylee
We have a stack full of bags. It is giant! -Nick
Today we counted plastic wrap in the hallway. We had to rip off all the labels.  It took a long time. We have 13 bags of bags. -Cameron
We had to do lots of bags. We have to shake and pull the bottom so it's inside out. -Sam
Today we counted bags in a big circle. -Kaspir
We counted lots and lots of bags. We counted them by 10s, 20s, 2s and 4s. -Reegan
We never counted them by 5s. It was ok. -Cayden
We didn't count them by 8s either. -Sofia

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