Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Things That We're Thankful For!

Today we wrote a list of things that we're thankful for in our notebooks. Yesterday we did it too. Some of us we're at the Turkey Trot. I was at the Turkey Trot. -Sydney
I started the things I'm thankful for writing yesterday. I am thankful for a lot of things. I had some new ones in there. It was awesome! -Cameron
Yesterday we had a substitute teacher. His name was Mr. Cheyne. We wrote things that we were thankful for in our Writer's Notebook. We made a Tagxedo. -Andy
Yesterday Mr. C wrote a list called Things That You Are Thankful for. On the list was house, people, food, water, pets and school and some other things. -Nick
Today we all came to the carpet and put them on the blog! -Kaspir

What are YOU thankful for? Please leave us a comment and tell us what you're thankful for. 


Anonymous said...

cali.s Baba

Ms. Nairn said...

Here are somethings we are thankful for in Ms. Nairn's class:

- video games
- brothers and sisters (siblings)
- oxygen
- family
- God and Jesus (religion)
- family members
- earth
- houses
- toys
- motors (dirt bikes, quads, etc.)
- Mom
- People sharing and caring about us
- my teacher
- Dad
- School
- clothing
- everything
- pets
- science
- television

Unknown said...

I'm thankful for this wonderful blog that keeps me up to date on the activities in the classroom! Reegan's mom