Friday, January 18, 2013

bad case of stripes/ weather

This week we looked at a book called the bad case of stripes. After the book we read it we did an art project.
First we painted a big pease of paper with ahole bunch uf stripes. After that we cut it into a head and a set of legs and a set of arms. And if we wanted we got to cut out a bow or a shape to go on the pearsens shirt. Are last step is to make the shrt, pants, dress. We started it on wednesday. We finished on Friday
For the last few days we have been having some bad weather at school. So for the last few days we had to stay inside for recess. We stayed in beacase the weather was over 27. When we stayed in for lunch recess the grade 5s brought us games. We only got the games for one recess.
the weather caesed us to stay in for all 3 days. We only got to go out on monday and friday.

                                                     BY: Rhianna and Karys

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Anonymous said...

Hi Room 9!
Thanks for sharing your update on the striped paper project! I love how a piece of paper turned into arms, legs and a head... very creative!! Can't wait to see the finished products.
From Mrs Oddy