Thursday, January 10, 2013

First Day of School 2013!!!!!!

Yesterday was our first day back to school. We got really excited and we were a little silly through the day. We had our learning buddies and we did a fun craft with them. The craft was making fireworks and our learning buddies did one as well. We did it because on New Year's Eve people celebrate with fireworks and have parties. -Rhianna
We made fireworks with our learning buddies. We had to write some new year's resolutions. There was school and home. We had to draw the fireworks with pencil then put some glue on then some glitter. -Nick
Yesterday we made some fireworks. We did some glue and then added some colour. -Sam
Today is our second day back of school. We did lots of fun things today. Today at recess I had lots of fun to celebrate the second day back at school. -Rylee
Today we had IBL. We went to the computer lab and we started our museums. You type all the facts that you learned on to a sheet and wehn you're all done, you put some pictures in it. After you're done the pictures you put it into a museum. People can go on-line and look at your museum. -Elly
Today we went to gym and we played a bunch of tag games and Olly, Olly, Octopus. -Ella
Today we had IBL and for the first time we all went in the computer lab. Before we went in the computer lab all the grade 2s looked in thier books of thier places and on a piece of paper we had to write all the facts that we learned and that were in the book. Today we typed all the information on our papers on to computer. I finished typing everything. -Syd
Today we made pictures of responsibility and our rights in IBL. We are making them into a show. -Reegan

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Anonymous said...

I loved the fireworks pictures!! So sparkly! Looking forward to all your fun blogs in 2013. Reegan's Mom