Thursday, January 17, 2013

Leaning Buddies!

The last little while we have been doing lots of crafts with our learning buddies. The first one that we did was making candy canes. To make that one we only needed pipcleaner and beads. The second one was fireworks these are the steps for making fireworks...
1. Draw your fireworks on a black piece of paper with pencil. To draw the fireworks you start with a dot for the middle and then either make your fireworks look like there going down or make them just exploding.
2. Put glue where you drew your fireworks.
3. Sprinkle glitter over top of the glue.
4. Let them dry.
The last one was painting squares. We painted squares because we're learning about shapes. We started on the outside and then worked into the middle. The most inportant thing about painting the squares was you have to use light and brght colours. It was awesome making all the crafts with our leaning buddies!

                                                      BY: SYDNEY AND REEGAN

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Unknown said...

These crafts sound like so much fun! Next time I am visiting my cousins I am going to try them out with them!