Wednesday, January 30, 2013

3...2...1.........Blast Off!

Wow! That was an amazing, unforgettable night! We just got back from the launch...there was a lot of traffic heading back as hundreds of cars parked along the side of the road to watch. I'm posting a couple of videos here for you to watch.

The first one is the video I took from where we were watching. We were at the Port Canaveral Cruise Terminal...where all the big cruise ships dock. The terminal is about 11 miles from the launch pad. In my video you can hear a lot of noise that sounds a bit like a rocket, but it's not. It was the wind. In fact, we couldn't hear the sound of the rocket until about 1 minute and 30 seconds after we saw the first light from the blast. If you think you know why, leave a comment! Here's my video:

Rocket Launch! from Erin Malkoske on Vimeo.

NASA takes lots of video of all of their launches. Here's a link to a video that shows the TDRS-K rocket from lots of different angles. They were a little closer than me :)

I hope you enjoy the videos. I started following lots of astronauts on Twitter this week too, inlcuding Chris Hadfield who is living on the International Space Station right now! He's tweeting from space! Your weekender homework this week is to think of some questions you might like to ask an astronaut and we can tweet them when I get back!

See you soon!
-Mrs. Malkoske

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs. Malkoske!

Kaelan & Karys loved the video and reading your post. Karys said it looked like the sun and wasn't sure about the sound. Kaelan thinks it is like when we count the time between lightening and thunder. The longer you count, the farther away it is. Kaelan thinks you must have been far from the rocket.