Tuesday, September 10, 2013

All About Me Bags

Yesterday we made "All About Me" bags. We're taking them home today and we're going to look for stuff and bring it to school and tell everybody about it. -Cole
We decorated our bags with the things that we like. You have to put 4 things in your bag and bring it to school on Monday. -Dylan W
We can only put 4 things in the bag and if we didn't finish the outside, then we have to do it at home. We all got an "All About Me" bag. Ms. Clarke already did hers. -Cali

Today I shared my "All About Me" bag with the children of Room 9. I showed them a picture of my family, talked about some of my friends, and shared some of my favourite things with them. The four objects in my bag were a copy of The Book of Awesome, my passport, my Blue Bomber baseball cap, and my geocaching kit. Many of the kids in our class already knew that I love to read all kinds of books, that I love the Bombers (despite their unfortunate record this year) and have season tickets, and that I love to travel. However, the kids in Room 9 didn't know that I like geocaching. It's a fairly new hobby for me. As a pulled out the items in my kit (a tiny flashlight, a pair of big tweezers, an extendable magnet, pencils, a Swiss Army knife, coins from different countries that I've visited, and some ziplock bags) one of the boys raised his hand and very seriously asked "Ms. Clarke, are you a SPY?!?" I quickly explained what geocaching was, and assured the children that I was most definitely NOT a spy. We had a great laugh together. Here's a photo of my "All About Me" bag... and my Spy Kit :) -Ms Clarke

Today at recess Ms. Clarke taught us a new game. It's called "Switch". It's really fun. How you play is you have to have 5 or more people. You have to stand in a square and the person in the middle has to yell "SWITCH!" and everyone runs to a different spot. If you don't have  a spot, you go to the back of the line. -Sofia
You have to stand in the corner or in the middle. People have to wait in a line sort of beside the four square. -Karys
If you want to play, you ask someone how you play the game. -Issabella
I felt AWESOME! -Dylan W
It's a fun, fun, fun, fun game! -Danika


JH said...

That's a great idea! I think we may have to do something like that in Room 18 ;)

Ms. Nairn said...

Hi Ms. Clarke's class,

We read about Ms. Clarke's geocaching kit and made a connection. We really like geocaching too. Our whole class went geocaching and we found two caches. One of them had toys in it. Someone in our class traded a shiny rock for a little deck of cards. We used GPSs from the division to find our caches.

Has anyone in your class, besides Ms. Clarke, gone geocaching?

Talk to you later,

Ms. Nairn's Grade 3 Class

Ms. Nairn said...

Hello Ms. Clarke's class,

We are writing because we had a connection to what Ms. Clarke wrote. We love to geocache too. Our whole class went together and we found two caches. There were toys in one and we traded a shiny rock for a tiny deck of cards. Has anyone else in you gone geocaching?

Talk to you soon,

Ms. Nairn's Grade 3 Class