Thursday, September 12, 2013

Our Day

Today we had jungle gym. It was fun. I went on the ropes and the spider web and I played Skittle Ball. -Cole
At jungle gym I went on the spider web. I had fun. I climbed to the top and I played Skittle Ball with Cole. -Dylan W
We had Daily 5. We read to someone. -Nick
At Read to Someone, my partner was Gabby. I read a book called Frog and Toad. -Sofia
At school what we just did was we wrote our first name and our middle name. Then we wrote a story if anybody in your family has the same name as your middle name. My story was my all the girls in my family, their middle name is Jane. -Mackenzie
When I went out for recess I played with Claire and went on the glider and the monkey bars, and the pole and the slide. And we went on the spinny thing together. Then we went inside. -Issabella
We wrote some surveys. My question was "Do you like pets?" -Anna
When we did the surveys, our table group got a giant piece of graph paper and Ms. Clarke had a bucket of questions and we had to pick a question out and we had to decide which one we were going to do because there were two sides with a question on it. We each voted which one we would do. -Cali

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