Friday, September 6, 2013

The Third Day of School

Today we did TWAS. We had to write as much as we could. I wrote about self portraits and my friends. -Dylan
Today in the morning, we had gym. We played games and we did 8 laps. After gym we had recess. -Nick
Today our teacher talked on the radio. We got to listen to what she was saying. She's been on the radio twice. -Sofia
In gym we played catch with bean bags and we played match the colour. -Carter
Today we worked on self portraits. We watched a music video. The song was called "Don't Give Up". You can see it here: -Matt

Yesterday we started counting happy recesses. If they were good recesses, we got a tally mark. Yesterday we had to get 5 tally marks to get some choice time. Now we have to get 10 tally marks to get something. -Karys
We got our book boxes out. We picked three books out of the books and then we read them for a little while. Then we had recess. -Issabella
At recess today it was very, very hot! -Katrina
At recess we played hide and seek and the snake game and jumped rope. -anna

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Anonymous said...

Hi Room 9!
Happy recesses sure sound like more fun than not happy recesses! I hope you all get alot of tally marks because that means you must be having lots of fun out there! Happy first week of school!!

Mrs. Oddy