Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Second Day

Today we played a new game. It was called "Spot It!". How you played was you all got a card and you had to match the letters or shapes to a different card in the middle. -Karys
We had choice time today. I made bookmarks. -Nick
We did our self portraits today. Today we added the nose, ears, hair, mouth and neck. Ms. Clarke called all of us up and we painted them and then we were done. -Sofia
We had choice time. I coloured. -Anna
Choice time was AWESOME! -Dylan W
Today we had music. We learned a new song. It was a Christmas song. -Cole
Today we had library. Mrs. DeBruyn made a castle. The grade 1s got to get 1 book and the grade 2s got 2 books. -Matt
Today we had music for the first time this year. It was fun. We played Doggy Doggy. -Jonathan
We got a piece of paper out and wrote some rules about school. One rule was listen to each other. -Issabella
Today the grade 2s gave the grade 1s a tour around the room and some of the new 2s. We had to walk around the room and tell them what's what. We each got three. -Cali

Day 2 was a great day! I am always so amazed at how quickly children accept one another and begin to build friendships. Our first choice time was awesome! The children in our class drew, wrote notes, played dinosaurs, built lego structures, made marble courses, and looked through our library. As I watched them explore and play, I saw them using manners, inviting each other to join in games, experimenting and asking questions about spelling, sharing, cooperating, sharing their thinking, and telling each other about themselves. Most importantly, they were beginning to build their community and learn about one another. Community building is so important in a classroom. In a school year we share a physical space and a variety of experiences. We share ideas, questions and wonderings. We share in pieces of each other's lives and celebrate milestones together. It's a chance for children to learn to care, trust, feel welcome, and safe with one another so that throughout our time together they will take risks as learners, be willing to try and try and try again, to be proud of their accomplishments and the accomplishments of others, and to have a lot of fun along the way. Dylan had it exactly right... Choice time IS awesome! Until next time...

-Erin Clarke

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