Wednesday, March 7, 2012

About Our Eyes

Today we went to the computer lab and we got to do a blog post on our Kid Blog. I wrote about my Dad because he left for a trip on March 5th and I really want him to make it to my hockey game tonight. -Taylor

Today we were making eyeballs. We did a circle called the pupil and then we did eyelashes and then we did a circle called the iris. -Nick

Mrs. Malkoske showed us a book about eyes and we learned about it. Then we drew our own eyes. We looked at our eyes in a mirror and drew what we saw. The colour of my iris was hazel. For the pupil we drew it black with Sharpies. Tomorrow we're going to paint our eyes. Some of us are going to finish them then paint them.-Madeline

I can't wait until tomorrow because we're going to paint them. -Brandon

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Anonymous said...

If all these eyes get put up around the room, I think parent teacher conferences next week are going to be super cool!!! Can wait to see all your "eyes!" Mrs. Barnes