Thursday, March 22, 2012

Learning to Draw Bunnies and more!

Today we did rabbits and it was fun. Some day I want try and make a rabbit again. -Rylee

Today at the end of the day Ms.Koehn taught us to make cartoon rabbits and showed us wooden eggs that she got as a gift. Once we were done our rabbits, we got jellybeans. My colors were blue and green. -Rhianna

Today at music we played a game. We had an eraser and Mr.Chan thought it was a button. We had to hide the eraser behind someone and then we had to guess who had it. -Sydney H

Today before Ms. Koehn came the PIP people got to go to the computer lab and try out a program called Prezi. We are going to us it for our PIP presentations. -Jadyn

Today it was an awesome day today. We went to music and then we sang and it was a great thing. -Sam
Today I drew a cartoon bunny that was really fancy. I liked it and it is rainbowish. -Cameron
At the end of the day we came to the carpet to blog and Ms.Koehn gave us two jellybeans. After a while she gave us one more and its almost the end of the day. -Taylor

My cartoon bunny was called Polka Dot because it has polkadots on it and the whole color of the bunny is purple. -Madeline

At the end of the day Ms.Koehn showed us how to draw bunnies.First you draw the head, then the arms, then the body, feet and tail. Then you add detail and color in the bunny. You can draw a sun, easter egg basket, whatever you want. -Ashley

Today was Aaron's birthday and we had a great time. We made a little book and sang happy birthday. After lunch Ms. Koehn came. -Jonathon
Today was +25 and we did not have to wear our jackets outside.-Jolene

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