Thursday, March 15, 2012

Portfolios & Book Fair

In the morning we had the book fair. The people who had money got to buy books. The people that didn't just looked. Me, Jolene and Ashley really wanted to get a poster and a book so we wrote them down. Then we did some portfolios stuff. Me and Jolene were just sitting down at recess. -Taylor
In the book fair I was looking for a book and I found a just right book. It was The Titanic. Then I decided to get a poster. I got a Trasnformer poster and Aaron got a Jets poster. -Nick
When we were finishing up our portfolios, and Mrs. Malkoske asked us a question and we had to put our hand up. She picked me. And then she picked Ashley and Nick to be my Mom and Dad and I had to show them all of the Daily 5 stuff. It was really funny. -Sydney R
Today we had to do lots of portfolios. It was kind of actually fun. -Sam
After morning meeting we went to visit the book fair. I brought a piece of paper to write down the numbers of the posters. After we did portfolio stuff. -Ashley
At the end of the day on the announcements they called my name for Dragonfly tickets and I got a prize. It was a piggy bank. -Cole
At the end of the day I got called on the announcements too. I got called twice so I got two prizes. I got squishy necklace that I think lights up and a cube that's a game. -Jolene
Today after school it's parent teacher. I'm coming at 5 to 5:30. I'm going to show my mom and dad my portfolio and my art and I'm going to take them to the computer lab and show them my KidBlog and our Wiki. I'm going to do a post and maybe a Wordle and I'm going to go on 200 Awesome Days and show them the talking I did in the posts. -Rhianna

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Mrs T said...

Hope everyone had a great parent-teacher interview!