Thursday, March 8, 2012

New Friends

Last night Mrs. Malkoske went and bought frogs. We named them Fred and Bob. -Nick
Our new friends are frogs. We feed them black pellet things. We feed them on Thursday and Monday. They didn't eat their lunch today. -Cole
I have the same frogs that we have but my names that I have are Freddy and Splash. I have the same rocks in mine. Today I got to see them. -Tyson
Today we got some new pets and they are frogs. We had to do a vote to see what names we should name them. Fred and Bob won so that's their names. Mrs. Malkoske also got an ant farm but there's no ants. It's for Jolene's PIP project. -Madeline
Today we got an ant factory, it's a mini one. It came with instructions to make it and the directions also had an ant food recipe. You have to get human food too like an egg and stuff. -Jolene
Our frogs have bamboo and two crystals and coloured rocks and we feed them. -Kaspir
Taylor and Jolene went to the table with me for Star Lunch. -Sam
Today we got new pets. Now I want to do pets because now we get to feed three pets. -Brandon
In the morning Mrs. Malkoske wrote on the board "We got 2 new members of our classroom." She said that they didn't like to be in hot or cold places and she told us that they were in her lunchkit. Then we went to Assembly. -Sydney R
Today was a very exciting day in our classroom! Last night I went to Scholar's Choice and picked up a few things for the group of kids that are working on PIP projects. For most of them, this is their very first experience with researching a topic, and I hope that it will inspire many more personal inquiry projects both in school and outside of school. Their enthusiasm for doing research and sharing their learning is amazing (and I have to admit, a little bit surprising)! I think it's very important for kids to learn by reading, doing, seeing, touching and exploring the things they are most interested in. You can learn a lot about frogs from books and the Internet, but at some point I think it's important to actually meet one :) I want to keep the excitement alive while supporting these kids in their personal learning. So... for now we've now added 2 frogs, an ant farm, a model solar system, a crystal growing science kit, a fossil making station, and a rock testing station... and our greenhouse is ready to go for after spring break! I'm just trying to figure out something for the kids that are studying larger animals... I'm on the look out for some experts that those students can connect with via email or Skype. We're looking for a fish expert and a horse expert. If you know of anyone, please comment below.
-Mrs. Malkoske

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