Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Movie Day

This afternoon we got to watch a movie. It was called The Lorax. In the middle of the movie Mrs. Malkoske was called some kids over to do some math and counting. After the movie was done, we watched the other movie that was on the Lorax movie. Now we're blogging. In music I got a dragonfly. Aaron, Madeline, Kaspir, Rylee, and Tyson got them too. -Taylor
In music we were singing songs and played a game. -Madeline
In music Mr. Chan gave us dragonfly because we did the right actions. -Kaspir
Today at recess I was playing with Evan and Lucas and they were playing soccer. Me and Kaspir were sitting down playing fun stuff. -Nick
The movie that we watched was The Lorax. My favourite part of the movie was when the Lorax was upset because a green guy was chopping down the trees. The funny part about The Lorax was that he had a mustache. The Lorax said to the green guy "I am the Lorax! I speak for the trees!" -Sydney R The movie The Lorax was made by Dr. Seuss. My favourite part of the Lorax movie was the Lorax because I thought he was funny and he talked loud and ran through houses. I've never seen a Dr. Seuss movie before but I have Dr. Seuss books at home. -Rhianna
Today my favourite part of the day was doing Daily 5. There is a word in a book that I couldn't read but now I know how to read it because now I'm older. -Rylee
Today in music I had to stay after class because I was getting dragonfly ticket. When I went to get my dragonfly my number was 85. -Tyson
In Daily 5 today we all did our projects. Now everyone is doing projects. The PIP people are having a meeting tomorrow. -Jadyn

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