Friday, March 9, 2012

Painting Eyes and Other Stuff

Today we painted eyeballs. The eyes are going to go up on the wall. We went to groups and we did some writing. After Spring Break we're going to go on a field trip and we're going to make some stuff out of wood. -Rhianna
We painted our eyes different colours. And then we had to dry them off. -Sam
Today we did centres and Mrs. Malkoske put us into groups. There was measuring tapes and beakers and scales and thermometers. For the thermometer group I put mine in the freezer and it went to 11. -Taylor
Today Sydney R's Mom came so we could paint our eyeballs that we made yesterday. The colours that I used were brown, yellow, and green. The paints are water paint. We did some centres and there were four. My first centre was the beakers. -Madeline
At lunch recess when the bell rang I saw my Mom. Me and Kendall got undressed really fast and then we grabbed our shoes and went into the corner and then we went behind the word work wall and we put our headphones on. Mrs. Malkoske and my Mom laughed and me and Kendall laughed too. In the afternoon my Mom came. I got to paint my eye first because my Mom was here. Me and Madeline were cleaning the paper that my Mom cut. -Sydney R
Today we had centres and I went to Joining and Building centre. We had to write what you can build with and join with. -Cameron
Today we painted our eyeballs. -Nick
Today we painted our eyeballs and tomorrow we are going to hang them up on the wall. We are going to take them home after. -Kaspir
Today we painted eyeballs. Eyeballs look very creepy to me. -Rylee

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