Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Busy Day

At lunch time we got to go to the Gym and watch Finding Nemo. I brought some money to buy a lollipop. We didn't finish it. -Ashley
Today when I walked in the door Ms. Anderlic was here. It's only Wednesday and she usually comes on Friday. But now she's going to stay here until April 27. -Jadyn
Today we had a math problem. It was the Bug Box problem and it was awesome. -Cameron
Today at the end of the day we did a scavenger hunt and it was fun. -Brandon
Today before last recess we drew a bug house and after spring break we are going to make our bug houses with wood. I worked with Rylee and our kind of bug was caterpillar. -Sydney R
Today we went to a movie. If didnt' have money then you had to stay in your room. I went, but I couldn't buy anything. -Nick
Today we did a math problem. We had to design a bug house about the kind of bug that we picked. I picked a butterfly. My partner was Taylor. -Madeline
today at the end of the day we had a scavenger hunt. I was partnered with Jonathon. We had to find different kinds of stuff that were described in different ways. I got most of the stuff. -Tristan
Today at lunch time I went down to the gym because today was the movie day for Be the Change Club. -Rylee
I had the greatest day of my life and it was fun. -Sam
This was the bestest day of school. It was the funnest day of school. -Kaspir

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