Monday, December 12, 2011

The Awesome Day

Ashley's Mom came this afternoon and we made hands and when we went out for recess Ashley's mom put them up on the bulletin board for the Christmas concert. One is a tree and one is a wreath. In gym Mr. Chan has the stage up already. We only had stations in Gym. -Taylor
We had inquiry and we were learning about goods and services. We had to glue on a paper and write what we wanted to be when we grow up. It was fun. -Tristan
We had gym and I was happy. My favourite was bowling. -Sam
Today we had Gym and my favourite stations was stacking cups. Me and Jadyn and Lindsay and Sydeny H and Cameron stacked up and we used all the cups and we made a big castle. -Rhianna
Me, Tristan, Cole, Jonathon and Peyton and Alexander all stayed in at last recess to do our comic. It will be $4 or $5. Me, Tristan and William and Jaden made up a club called Secret Ninja. -Ty
Outside I was playing with Kaspir and we were playing tag. We were having lots of fun outside. -Nick
Today my Mom came and we learned a new game called Scrabble Alphabet Scoop. I like to play it because its fun. If you get a fly you have to put all of your letters back. There are cards to tell you which words you can do. -Ashley
Today at recess me and Kendall were playing and we made a snowpile and I rolled over it. -Sydney R
Today at recess Nicholas and me Rhianna were playing. Nick and me had a little fight but we appologized to each other. We said sorry. -Kaspir
Me and Sydney were playing dead and I don't know why we were playing that. We were just being silly. -Kendall
Today for Daily 5 for word work you could only do Scrabble Alphabet Scoop because we were learning it so that for other word work time you can play it. There can only be 4 people. I was in the third round with Lindsay, Olivia and Peyton. -Madeline

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