Monday, December 19, 2011

The Advent Calendar

We went on our Wiki page today and there were some new things on there. One of them is called Snowflake Workshop. -Rhianna
We saw a paper that you cut into a snowflake (Make a Flake) and then you can look at it. -Nicholas
Mrs. Malkoske put some games on the Wiki page. One of them was Make a Snowman.  -Kendall
My favourite Christmas game was taking Santa down in his sleigh. -Sam
Today at the end of the day we had computer lab. On "Just for Fun" we did Make a Flake. While we were doing that Mrs. Malkoske was putting some Christmas games. After we had to close our windows and come sit down and then she talked about the games that she put on. Then we went and played those games. After when we were playing the games she put on, she put some more on! Then after we came to sit down so we know what to do when we played them. Then we went off and played those games and it was the end of the day. :) -Taylor
The advent calendar every morning a lock will open and then you can play a new game. It will keep going on until Christmas. -Jonathon
The Advent Calendar is right here:

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When you click a number there will be a game and the ones that are locked, they will open. -Madeline

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That is cool I wish I could be there