Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Last Day of 2011!

Today we have early dismissal. -Cameron
Today at school we got bags that we got to take home. We made picutre frames to give to our moms and dads. I had fun doing it. -Kaspir
We got bags and there was a card in it for moms and dads. Mrs. Malkoske gave us treats and a Christmas ornament that looked like a snowball. In gym we played world cup soccer. -Tristan
Today when we were doing TWAS Mrs. Castor came in and pretended she was Santa Claus and gave us candy canes. -Sydney R
Today in the morning we did TWAS and Mrs. Malkoske was pulling some kids to do something for Christmas for our parents. There was some good things that our Moms and Dads will like. One of them is for them. -Taylor
Today in gym me, Tristan, Peyton, Cole and Nick and Andy and Aaron were all on the same soccer team. We got 2 goals and the other team had zero. -Tyson
Today at gym we played World Cup Soccer and I was in net. When I sat down I saved it. -Jolene
Today in gym I was on the bench and I was sad because I got pushed. Tristan made me feel better because he's nice. -Nick
Today is the last day before Christmas Hoildays. I will miss Mrs.Malkoske I will see her in 2012. We
had gym and I had fun!-Madeline
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! -Jadyn

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