Monday, January 9, 2012

The First Day Back at School... 2012!!!!!!!

sWhen I saw my friends at school I felt awesome! (Taylor) When I came in I felt good. In the morning I got to play with Kendall (Cameron). We had an assembly first thing in the morning. I picked out two books in library. One was Baby Mouse Skating Girl and I'm on page 36. The other was Deer and Rabbit. It was hard to choose which books I wanted so I didn't have time to sit down and read them. (Jolene). Today Mrs. Malkoske showed us our Mixbook. While we were gone the Mixbook came. I get to take it first. (Tyson) During Daily 5 we did Read to Someone and Read to Self. I had fun reading to self. (Kaspir)Today at Daily 5 we changed partners. My partner was Rhianna and my new one is Tyson (Sydney H) We Read to Self for 14 minutes. (Lindsay) We did Daily 5 all together. My new partner is Cameron (Kendall). We had Artist in the School. We had to trace a flower and then paint it. After you were done you could either read a book or draw a picture. She had a collection of stuff we could look at and use while we're doing the project. She's going to be here until Thursday. It will be fun. (Tristan) Today I was surprised that it was our turn to be with Artist in the School. We got to paint flowers and do the background. Tomorrow we're going to draw pictures of things we want to have under our sea. Then we're going to glue them on. (Ashley) The artist's name is Allison Moore (Jadyn). I sat beside Aliegha and Jadyn. We got to mix the paint and make some new colours. We could draw over the flowers that we already drew and paint over the other things. (Madeline) At the tables when we started painting we mixed up 3 colours. When it was time for us to go, Jolene was still painting so I helped her finish quickly. (Taylor) It was in room 7. (Nicholas) After we were done we could draw. I drew a picture of Nick and Rhianna and me and Kendall and Kaspir. (Rylee)

Here are some pictures of us working on our art projects:

This is the end of our first day back at school... we'll be back tomorrow!
-The Children of Room 9

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