Monday, January 16, 2012

Mystery Numbers and More!

Today it was Kaspir's birthday. We drew pictures for him and sang Happy Birthday. He went down to the principal's office to get a pencil. (Ashley) Today we did Mystery Numbers. My numbers are below. 14 means my bus number, 5198 means my home, 8 is my age, 17 is my birthday number, 99 is the number of times I've been to the States. (Jadyn) My numbers are below too. Can you guess what they mean? (Mrs. Malkoske)  Today we did Daily 5 and I did Read to Someone with Brandon. He is my best partner. (Nick) Today in gym the girls played Ringette and the boys played Hockey. (Sydney H) This week I am the Star of the Week! (Lindsay) We played a counting game in math with high fives. (Sam) Today after lunch in Inquiry we talked about solids, liquids and gases. (Rylee) In math Mrs. Malkoske put her mystery numbers on the white board and we tried to guess what they were. I put 7, 65, 215, 2, 13, and 7 (Madeline). Today it was my birthday and I had fun. (Kaspir)

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