Friday, January 20, 2012

The WOW! Word Day

 Today we had a substitute teacher because Mrs. Malkoske had to go to a meeting. Our subs name was Ms. Koehn. (Rhianna) Today Mrs. Malkoske went to a meeting and then she came back with Mrs. Kosolowski. We were talking about snow and Wow words. One of the wow words is white as flour and white as a wedding dress. (Madeline) We had two charts; one was ordinary words and one was Wow words!(Kendall) When it was recess I was playing Lego and we made the biggest houses and mine was a little bit big and I liked it. (Nick) We had gym and there was a subistitute. We played Ollie Ollie Octopus and after that we played soccer and then we played basketball. (Ashley)
Today at lunch, Nicholas' tooth started to hurt and I thought that it was going to fall out. (Kaspir)
Today it was hot lunch. It was pasta from Boston Pizza. I don't like pasta so I didn't get any. (Aliegha)
Kendall's mom brought cupcakes because it was Kendall's 7th birthday. The cupcakes were yummy. (Sydney R)
This afternoon we did math and I finished because I used a ruler. (Rylee)
We did mini bubble art with little pieces of paper. Mrs. Barnes helped us. (Jonathon)
We have had indoor recess for the last week. We are tired of playing inside and want to play outside. (Olivia)

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Mrs T said...

I LOVE that your students keep up with the blog even when there is a substitute teacher. Awesome job guys!