Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Not Funny Mother Nature.

We had library today. The story was about a girl and dad and a mom and a whale (Sam & Olivia). When we were doing centres, when I was at bubbles, I made a really big bubble (Aliegha). When we were doing centres today we made bubbles and if you blow into it with a straw, it makes it bigger (Sydney R). Today at the stations, first I went to bubbles and when I was blowing bubbles I made the bubbles run down the side (Rylee). There were four centres. One was sand, one was water, one was bubbles and one was blocks. The first centre I went to was the sand. The people in my group were Taylor, Jolene, Aliegha, Madeline and Jadyn. It was exciting because when we were in the sand there was a little marble. Then someone would hide it and everyone would try to find us (Ashley). At centres when I made lots of bubbles, one time I accidentally swallowed it and it tasted horrible (Madeline). I got to school early in the morning and we just came in because it was too cold and that's what Mrs. Caldwell said on the announcements. It's really cold out today (Nick).

Today we had another day of indoor recess. It was way too cold to go outside and play (-35 or colder!). This afternoon during our inquiry time we did some centres to explore the properties of solids, liquids, and gases. Here are some pictures from our exploration centres this afternoon:
Here are some pictures of some of the creations that have been made with blocks during indoor recess:

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