Thursday, January 19, 2012

All Together Again

Today was the first day since before Christmas break that our whole class has been at school! Here are some highlights from today:
Today we had family groups and I had fun making my brick. -Kaspir
Today we have early dismissal. -Lindsay
Today we had indoor recess again because it was so cold out. -Taylor
We had gym and then we were exercising like running. -Sam
It's early dismissal and my Dad's going to pick me up but he doesn't know it's early dismissal. -Jonathon
At all the recess I was peeling crayons. -Aliegha
We had gym today and we were exercising. At recesses I was peeling crayons with Aliegha, Jonathon, Tristan, Tyson, Cole, Jadyn, Olivia, Lindsay, and Jolene. It's for an art project. -Madeline
At Daily 5 we had to do Read to Self and then we got to pick our last choices. -Peyton
When it was school my Mom dropped me off because I wanted to because it was too cold out and my bus was early in the morning. -Nick
Today at recess I played Connect 4 and Let's Go Fishing and Lego. -Cole
Today at the end of the day Mrs. Malkoske showed us a video of a man that helped people have light and he used a plastic bottle, and water, and bleach, and sealer. -Sydney R & Kendall At family groups we had to do a project with a paper that looked like a brick with a stick person. There was a speach bubble. You had to colour it and write something in the speach bubble about what conscience means. I put "Doing the right thing." -Ashley
Today is early dismissla and wer're having indoor bussing because it;s really cold. -Rhianna

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