Friday, January 13, 2012

The Bubbly Day

In the morning we did daily 5. (Madeline) We did T.W.A.S and it was about the artist who came to the school. (Nick) Her name was Allison Moore. (Jadyn) We went to music today. (Lindsay) In music I got gummy bears. (Cameron) In math, we worked on adding and subtracting. (Peyton) In inquiry we wrote about our Frosty Experiment. (Rylee) We wrote about what Frosty looked like the first time we saw him, at the end of the day and this morning. (Kendall) He was a liquid today. (Kaspir) Today we did a project with bubbles, liquid watercolor and soap. We used straws to blow the mixture and it made bubbles. We put a piece of paper on the color we wanted and when you lifted it up it looked really cool. It looked like a circle made of bubbles. (Ashley) Ms. Anderlic was back today. (Jadyn)

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