Monday, January 23, 2012

Yummy Word Work & Science Centres!

Today at Word Work Mrs. Malkoske got a new word work material. It was crackers and we got to make words with them because they had letters on them. After, when you were done word work, you got to eat them. (And I am star of the week). -Madeline
I did fishy crackers at word work. When I was done my words I ate them. They tasted like cheesy crackers and they were letters. -Nick
Today word work was yummmy. It was exciting to work with things you eat. After your round you could eat them. That's the part that made it yummy! -Ashley & Cameron

Today in the afternoon we had centres. There were 6 centres. There was different groups. Some were with their whole table group and some had one person away to make another group. We got to pick our own spot at our table. After that we got to pick where we wanted to go. -Taylor
We kind of used marbles and we put some water in to see if it would go up or no. -Sam
Today we did centres. I really liked using the marbles and the blocks. It was hard. -Rylee
My favourite science centre was the ones with water. In one of the water ones you filled a cup with water and put marbles into it and see if it overflowed. The other one was there was a container with a line and a big marble. You poured the water into the cup with the line then  put the marble in. -Sydney R
My favourite centre was the one with beads but the beads spilled everywhere! It was still fun. -Kendall

This weekend I took another trip down to Grand Forks with my Mom to visit my sister and her family. We were celebrating my nephew's 4th birthday and watching my niece perform in the North Dakota Ballet Company's production of Alice in Wonderland.

Whenever I go across the border Target is always on my list of places to visit. (After family of course.) When I shop at Target my rule is to only buy things that I can't get in Canada. This weekend I found Cheez-It Scrabble Junior crackers... and they were a huge hit during word work this morning! The kids are always excited to use a new material, especially when they can eat it after. :) -Mrs. Malkoske

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takyoy for the 100th day of school prtey it was awesome I had an awesome time the cake was awesome love Sydney H