Thursday, January 26, 2012

The 100th Blog Post!

Today is a very AWESOME day! This is our 100th blog post of the 2011-2012 school year. We are celebrating with cake and juice and balloons and a very special blog post. Today each of the children in our class is going to type a short message in this post by themselves! For some of us this will be our first time typing our own post.
So... here we go!

We are going to have a cake that looks our like a blog post. We are going to have some juice to. I like bloging because sometimes I get to write my own idea. -Madeline

Today is the 100th blog post and we are going to celabrate today. -Rhianna

Today it is are 100 blog post we are celebrating. I am so happy about it. -Lindsay

It is our 100th blog  post. We are going to have cake. It looks like our blog. -Sydney H

When I came in and saw all the balloons I didnt know why their were balloons. -Kendall

When we came in in the morning there were balloons in the classroom. And when we came in Mrs. Malkoske told us that it was our 100th blog post! -Sydney R

Today is the 100th blog post and thir is balloons on our table. -Jadyn

today we get to eat cake because it is the 100th day of bloging.-Olivia

Today is the 100th . blog post I like to read it on. the computer at home And put stuff on the blog. - Jonathon

I like to blog because i like to look at it at home. -Aaron

I like to blog because I did one at home and it was fun. -Alexander

I like to blog because I get to tell about my day. -Cole

Today it is 100th day and we are haveing patey and we blog evry day.-Taylor

we  are having a patey it will be awesome! .-Rylee

Today is a very awesome day becuse we are celebrating are 100th blog .-Ashley

When I got here I was suprised because there was balloons.-Aliegha

100 blog post today.- Nicholas

Today was a doble awesome day because it was the 100th blog post! i like bloging because you can tell idias to mrs malkoske tipes it.i love bloging it is fun. bloging is at the end of the day lots of the time.i do coments at home on the computer.- tristan

Today is the 100th day of bloging! we got cake and cupcakes I like bioging because you get to put your own  ideas on the blog.-peyton

we made a BIG blog post today because we did the 100TH blog post.-tyson

i had cake today it was awesome so good. -Cameron

I like to post because it is awesome!.-Jolene

it was tristans birthday.- Brandon

I love Dr. Hamilton School and I have lots of fun at Dr. Hamilton. Blogging is really fun and you get to put ideas up. -Kaspir


Anonymous said...

Hi there,
Happy 100 Blog Post Day!! We like blogging too. Your cake made all of us very hungry. It looked too good to eat. We are glad you had an awesome day. Enjoy the next 100 days!
-Your friends in 5T Room 30 at Bird's Hill School

JH said...

Congratulations on your 100th post - that's so exciting! We just had our 81st post today, so we're a little behind you! How was the cake? It looked delicious!

Anonymous said...

you are awesome!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

this bog post is awesome love brandon

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

To Mrs. Malkoske
I like bloging because I get to tell you and the class about my day. I like bloging because I get to tell my own ideas. I like bloging on my own because I can tell my whole story about my day.

Anonymous said...

Today all 24 of us got to post becuse it is our 100th day of posting!

Anonymous said...

thaku you for givne us a AWESOME DAY. -LINDSAY

Anonymous said...

today was a very big day because we
are celabrating are 100th day of the blog post and we got treets we had a very fun day and we are allso going to have more fun.-Rhianna

Anonymous said...

today was a very big day because we
are celabrating are 100th day of the blog post and we got treets we had a very fun day and we are allso going to have more fun.-Rhianna

Anonymous said...

Today it is a awesome day it is the 100th blog post we had cake today

Anonymous said...

100th blog post was my favourit blog bost of the year. it was also the longist blog post of the year. it was triple awesome.i think that bloging is one of the best things at school that you can do.the selabrashin was fun. we had cake and snacks. we have pichers on the blog of all the fun we had. bloging is awesome!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

thank you for setting up in our class and makeing cake for our
100th blog post I really liked the cake too cole.

Anonymous said...

Wow! 100 posts already - We really love to see what the kids are up to each day. The cake looks yummy!

Anonymous said...

Today I hade a AWESOME day because
you were here.

Today I hade a AWESOME DAY because
you are here.I enjoy the cake..

Mrs T said...

Congratulations everyone! What an exciting day for your class :) Keep up all the good work, you have a great blog.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Happy 100th blog pots mrs malkose

Anonymous said...

How exciting Grade 1s and 2s!!! What a great reason to celebrate! I sure have been enjoying your blog! Keep up the good fun and learning! From: Mrs. Barnes

Sandy Welbergen said...

I LOVE cake! Congratulations!

Ms Welbergen