Monday, December 5, 2011

Word Work!

This week the children in our classroom are trying out some new materials for Daily 5-Word Work. Each week they practice their individualized word lists using a variety of materials. I'm always looking for new things to keep it interesting for the children as they learn and play with words. Here's a picture of some of the things I picked up last weekend in Grand Forks:

Some of the other materials the children use include:
-mini whiteboards and dry erase markers
-mini chalk boards and colorful chalk
-letter beads
-letter puzzle pieces
-wiki stix (Bendaroos)
-ABC magnets
-ABC stamps
-ABC silly bands
-play doh
-felt letters and the felt board
-using Pictochat on our DSs

They've also been learning some word games that challenge and give them a little break from practising their word lists. Most of the games require the children to make their own words from a given set of letters. We have mini Boggle, Scrabble Slam, the Jumbline App (on the ipad), and Scrabble Flash in our classroom. I am a huge fan of Scrabble and love to play with anyone who has the patience for it. :) Scrabble Flash is fun for kids and adults (trust me, I've played a few games with the kids in our classroom). Here is a video of a group of kids playing Scrabble Flash today during Word Work:

My favourite thing about this game is that it often fosters meaningful conversation about words and word patterns between the players. I've heard children discussing whether or not a word is in fact a 'real' word, giving other possible spellings for words, using what they know about word patterns and vowel sounds to help others make more words, and occasionally sticking letters together randomly only to find out that a word like "mira" is actually a real word. (Usually I'm then asked for a definition...or we take a trip to an online dictionary to find out!) I think the children enjoy the break from their word lists and are having a lot of fun learning!
If you want to check out Scrabble Flash or Scrabble Slam, here's  link to the Scrabble site. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs. Malkoske,

I just have to say that you are truly a gift to our children! You have such passion, enthusiasm, and skill as a teacher! What a joy it has been to watch our children learn and grow with you.

They have been given such exciting, innovative learning opportunities this year; it's truly been a year to remember and to celebrate with our children!

P.S. Don't tell Alexander, but 'Scramble Flash' is already wrapped and under our Christmas tree! Can't wait to play this as a family!

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to everyone!

Susanne and Colin Angus

Anonymous said...

Wow!! Who knew that learning could be so much fun!! Mrs. Malkoske, you're the "funest" teacher ever!! (sorry but you probably will not find that word in the dictionary). Keep up the good work!

From Sydney R's mom :)

Anonymous said...

Sam is now requesting this. I gather my shopping is not finished. I wish I could go back to grade 1- so much fun.

Anonymous said...

I love the little future golfer who suggested "par" and tries to sell it by saying "you know as in golfing". The little girl was not convinced - too funny!!

Ms. Loewen ~ teacher librarian