Friday, December 16, 2011

Penguins, Polar Bears and Snowmans

We made snowmans, polar bears and penguins in the afternoon because we were making a craft. I picked a snowman and it was fun making it and it had a red a green hat, green mitts and googly eyes. The eyes were hard to peel because they were so small. My snowmans name is Wonderland. -Madeline
Today I made a polar bear and I put googly eyes on him and a hat. I put arms and there is a little hole for the string. There is a big hole for a picture. Mines name is Snowball. -Sydney H
We watched a movie in gym and it was Dolphin Tale. -Sam
We did arts and crafts today. My craft was a penguin and Cole, Peyton, Jonathon and Aaron all made penguins. We all have a land and it is called Penguana. My penguins name is Pogo. -Tristan
My penguins name is Penguini- Jonathon
Today we did a craft and I did a penguin and his name is Pok-Pok. -Cole
Today at recess I was playing with Nicholas and he was being really funny. -Kaspir
Today we watched 2 movies. One was Dolphin Tale and the other one was Madagascar. -Jadyn

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