Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Christmas Concert and Other Stuff

We showed our skip counting raps to the whole class. My group was Aliegha, Sydney H, Lindsay and Olivia. -Madeline
In two more days we have to do our Christmas Concert. -Jolene
We had our Christmas Concert rehearsal today in the Gym. -Olivia
Today we had a fire drill after last recess. -Rhianna
Today we had Choice Time and I drew a picture of a sunset and a rainbow. -Ashley
Today we had a fire drill. I got scared when it rang to go outside and when it rang to go back in.- Sydney R
We had Music. There were lots of kids. -Sam
Me, Jadyn and Cameron and Sydney H and Aliegha and Madeline stayed in to make Christmas decorations for our tree out in the hallway. -Lindsay
We counted hats in the case and I counted 46. -Aaron
Please be at our Christmas Concert. -Jadyn

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wow sounds fun