Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Concerts

This morning when we got to school it was really busy because we had 3 Christmas concerts. We are blogging at seven o'clock. I was nervous. I saw my brother, my Grandma and my Grandpa. -Jadyn
Today we had 3 Christmas concerts. One was a rehersal, the second one was real and the last one is at night and it is really dark. This is our last Christmas concert for the day and my mom and dad came to watch me and my brother. My class is still in the classroom and its really, really, really dark outside and it will be hard to see when the concert is over. -Taylor
Today me and Kendall were making a book. It is called The Crazy Book of Seasons. All the pictures are the same but a little bit different. Me and Kendall are going to give it to Mrs. Malkoske-Syndey R
Today we had 3 Christmas concerts. One was a rehersal and we were the last ones to perform. We watched the actors perform and it was fun. We sang a sings called "Whats That in the Sky" "Christmas Eve We Hit the Sky Tonight" "Little Green Men". When the show is almost over we sang "Whats That in The Sky" again. It was fun to sing to the moms and dads. -Madeline
It is really, really, really dark outside. There are lots of people at the concert. We are going to sing "Whats That in the Sky" and some other songs. - Cameron
Today I was in the Christmas concert and I saw my dad and Grandma. When we were done singing we we lined up and my Grandma tickeled me because she loves me. -Nicholas
My whole family came to the Christmas concert. I was nervous for the afternoon and evening concerts. - Jonathon
Today we had Christmas concerts in the gym. I had fun!- Kaspir
Today me and Rhianna finished our map. It was called Tooth Town. All the houses were made out of teeth and there was lots of houses. -Sydney H
Today we our maps and my partner was Nicholas. We are almost done and we had fun. -Rylee

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