Wednesday, December 14, 2011

We Made a Map

Me and Cameron's community was called Animal Island. Cameron named it. -Kendall
We are making a community that Ms. Anderlic taught us about what stuff is in a community. Jonathon and me are partners. -Peyton
Today Cameron's mom came and helped us with a craft. We were making snowmen. We also made a town and we made it our dream town. My partner was Jolene. Our town was called Rainbowland. -Ashley
Petyon and me were partners and we made a map together and it was gigantic. -Jonathon
Our town was called Land Lake. The people are going to be cavemen living in there. My partner is Tyson. The town is a campsite. We had a big circle and it had people biking and a washroom and people cutting down trees to make fires. -Tristan
My town had a lot of roads and it was hard to make, but fun. -Aliegha
Me and Brandon we made a map together and we coloured it out. -Sam
Madeline's mom came this morning to help out in the classroom. My town is called Tecow Town. -Olivia
My mom came today and we made snowmen. I was the first one to go to paint. We made a map about a make-believe town. Mine was called Taco Town. -Madeline

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