Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Baking Day

Today in the afternoon we were baking. We made tree cupcakes and we made cupcakes. When some kids were doing surveys and playing, me, Madeline, Rhianna, and Nicholas were making the icing. -Taylor
In the afternoon we baked cupcakes. Tomorrow we will put icing on them and eat them! -Cameron
Today we had Presents for Parents. I got something nice for my Mom and Dad. -Nick
Today in the afternoon we baked and we helped Mrs. Malkoske pour stuff in. We made trees and cupcakes. -Sydney R
Today was my fake birthday because its on the two weeks off. I'm going to Grand Forks. My real birthday is January 2. -Jolene
We took pictures with hats and the hats were santa, elf, and reindeer. Mine was Santa. We made picture frames for them. -Aaron
Today we celebrated Jolene's birthday. We also had presents for parents and in the afternoon we baked some cupcakes. The other kids made surveys and painted picture frames. -Ashley
Tomorrow will be our Christmas Party and I'm excited! -Olivia
My mom was volunteering at Presents for Parents and I went to her. -Madeline

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