Friday, February 17, 2012

The 100th Day & a Day Away

Today the kids of Room 9 celebrated their 100th Day of School with Ms. Koehn. At the end of the day Madeling and Jonathon created a KidBlog post about the day. Here it is:

Today is the 100th day of school. Madeline read a book called Fancy Nancy The 100th Day of School and she brought cookies. We all got four. Madeline  Today we had fun. We flipped a coin 100 times. I got mostly heads. Rhianna  Today we did 100 day activities.  We read 100 books. We counted the tally marks. Ashley and Jolene   I had fun on the 100th day of school. Kaspir  We flipped a penny. I got mostly tails. Nicholas  We played Snakes and Ladders. I played with  Aliegha. She won.  Rylee We had a guest teacher her name is Ms. Koehn. Sydney H  100 times 1 is 100   50 times 2 is 100 Peyton. 20 plus 80 is 100 Cameron. 50 plus 50 is 100 Sydney R. 97 plus 3 is 100 Ashley. 4 quarters is 1 dollar Jonathon. 100 pennies is a dollar Cole.  100 dollar bill is 100 we have a new one Sydney H.

I was very happy to see that the kids of Room 9 were able to blog independently with a substitute. I'm sure they taught Ms. Koehn a little bit about blogging too! 

Today I was away at a conference hosted by Manitoba ASCD. The guest speaker was Heidi Hayes Jacobs, an internationally renowned author and education leader specializing in developing 21st century approaches to teaching and learning. The topic today was 'Curriculum 21: Upgrading Curriculum and Assessment'. She asked many great questions about education, technology and children. The day was full of great examples of classroom and teachers and tools to engage students and make learning more meaningful to them.
At the end of the day she showed the video embedded below... and I loved it! I am a big believer in "The Fun Theory" as some of you may have noticed :) As an early years teacher I believe that if I can keep things fun and interesting for kids, they will be more likely to want to try new things. Enjoy!
-Mrs. Malkoske

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