Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Little Weekend Shopping

Today I went out shopping to pick up a few things for school and ended up finding a whole bunch of great books at Costco. Each classroom at Dr. Hamilton has been given some money to buy new books for their classroom library. I've ordered a bunch of books from Scholastic and plan to visit McNally Robinson this weekend too. Here's a preview of our new books!

On Friday I talked with a group of our grade 2s about a new project that they will be starting on Monday during Daily 5. Each of the children in the group will begin a PIP (Personal Inquiry Project)... and they are excited! As I explained to them that a PIP is a project where they get to choose what they learn, they very quickly made some decisions about what their topics will be, how they will share their learning with others, and what they will need. There was lots of discussion, and LOTS of questions. One of which was "Will we get new notebooks or something for this?" After a bit of discussion it was decided that they would need notebooks for writing down information, a binder so they can collect printed information, and dividers to stay organized. :) So back to Costco I went... I can hardly wait to see their projects unfold.

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