Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The OK Day

Yesterday we read The OK Book. -Sam
Today we did a very fun art project. It was the OK picture. -Rylee
We did these pictures and it was an O and then a K and it made a stick person. -Kaspir
(*When you turn your head, the O makes a head and the K makes arms and legs.)
We had to think about what we're OK at. Then we had to draw it. Then you had to go over it with pastel and then you had to paint it. -Cole
We used a pencil, paint brush, some paint and black pastels. We did some rough copies yesterday and then on the back we drew it really big. Then we got another piece of paper and then we drew an OK with pencil and then we drew over it with black pastel. Then we had to show it to Mrs. Malkoske to see if we needed to go over it again. Then we painted with water paint. I was OK at blogging. -Madeline
We had to make our pictures simple because if we didn't then it would be too much on the paper and you wouldn't be able to see what was actually happening in the picture. Another reason is because if you put your hand on the pastels, the pastels will smear and it will look like the people are blowing away. My picture was I'm an OK at working and cutting and stuff. -Tristan

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