Friday, February 17, 2012

The Shadow Movie

Since it's I Love to Read Month, we've been learning a song called "I Love a B-O-O-K!". Mrs. Malkoske's friend, Miss Krochak, wrote the song and the music. We had a Skype call to learn the song. We had to make shadow puppets out of black pieces of paper. We had the projector on and we used it to make the shadows. Mrs. Malkoske used the iPad and iPhone to make the video and put it all together. When we used the iPad, the background looked rainbow. Enjoy our show!
-The Kids of Room 9


swelbergen said...

Wow Room 9, what a cool video! You did a fantastic job with those shadow puppets and your voices were divine. Miss Krochak is very talented and very lucky to have had you interpret her song. Mrs. Malkoske also did a terrific editing job on the video! I can't wait to show it to my class of grade sixes, I'm sure that they will be very impressed!

Have a great Louis Riel long weekend. :)

Ms Welbergen

Anonymous said...

I love this. Yes, someone has a talent or two or three.

Anonymous said...

Very cool! I love it!!! There's just so much fun to be had in Room 9!!! I'm so glad to be able to visit this blog and enjoy the learning taking place on a daily basis!! Well done, All!!! (Mrs. Barnes)

Celeste Krochak said...

Dear Room 9!

I just HAD to send you all a note to congratulate you on your shadow puppet show. I loved it and I loved to see what you did with the song. I was sooooooooo HAPPY!
Thank you for your wonderful work. I showed a few classes in SINGAPORE and they loved it too! I think a few of them might want to try to make a shadow puppet play of another one of my songs. When we finish I will share it with you! Have a great day! Love,
Miss Krochak :) Your friend from Singapore :)