Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Learning about senses!

Today we have music at the end of the day. On Friday we don't have school. -Peyton
Today I brought my huge amethyst in and I showed it to the class with my friend Tristan. It has lots of crystals on it and it has a fossil on it too. -Tyson
Today we did some senses stuff. My sense was touch. You can feel things and touch them. -Kaspir
Texture can be rough or smooth or like sandpaper which is both. You can feel almost all textures. -Jonathon
Today we did senses. My sense was taste. I learned that when you eat salty stuff you get thirsty. -Jolene
We were reading books about eyes. Your eyes see pictures. Inside your eye when you see things they are upside down. -Sam
Today we were learning about senses. We got to go in groups of 4 or 5 and we had to read a book about our sense that we were doing. The sense that I was doing was sight. We had to write down what we learned about it and then we could tell the class. There were 4 people in my group. We read a book called "What is Sight?" Mrs. Malkoske gave us a diagram. When you see stuff, at the back of your eye it's upside down and then your brain flips it over and tells you what it is. For hearing there were little bones and one looked like a horseshoe. The sound goes in your ear and if a person is talking to you, the brain helps you understand what the person is trying to say to you. -Madeline
We had to go to a table or the floor and get a book. One or two people had to read it. Then you had to write something about what you learned. You had to come back to the carpet when all the groups were done and you had to tell everybody what yours was. Mine was smell. I learned that some smells smell weird and you might not know what they are and they might be danger. -Rhianna
In the afternoon, Madeline read us a story called "Little Bunny Foo Foo". The bunny was running through the forest and picking up the mice and bopping them on the head. Then a fairy came and told the bunny not to do that and she gave him two more chances to behave, or she would turn him into a monster. When she turned him into a monster, he ate the fairy. -Sydney R
My favourite part was the name. Foo foo is kind of funny. -Rylee
Today me, Olivia, Sydney and Taylor had a meeting and we were supposed to read a book and Mrs. Malkoske records us. Then we're going to put them on the CD player for listen to reading. -Lindsay
My book was Fancy Nancy. I was recording it for listen to reading. We got to choose our books. -Olivia
Today we were doing a project where we record the person that's reading the book. I'm reading Chester. Lindsay is reading No David. -Sydney H

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