Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Boat Building!

Today we made boats and we had to decorate with clay. We're trying to make the water not go in the boat. Tomorrow we are going to put them in the water and see if they don't get water in them or tip. -Sam
Today we were building boats. My partner is Tyson. We built our boat with a Kleenex box, plasticine and tin foil. Tomorrow we are going to test them at the water table and put stuff in them to see which one holds the longest. -Peyton
We were building boats today. I worked by myself. I used clay, tin foil and a balloon and tape. -Sydney H
All of us were building boats. Yesterday we made some ideas and then Mrs. Malkoske got some stuff for us to build our boats. I worked all by myself. The stuff that I used was two silver cardboard boxes, two cardboard tubes, and one Kleenex box. Then tomorrow we're going to put our boats in the water table to see if they float. Mrs. Malkoske's going to put little weights in them to see how many they hold. -Madeline
Yesterday we were writing on a piece of paper what we were going to plan out to build our boats. The next day we were building our boats. My partner was Cole. Our boat was made out of tin foil, a plastic tub, saran wrap, cardboard and some popsicle sticks, clay and tape. Then we are going to put little weights in the tub. We have to make it strong enough so it won't tip over or sink. Me and Cole put something good on so it will balance. With clay we put bumpers on the side so if it hits a wall it will bounce back. On the bottom we put clay so it would balance more. Our boat is awesome! -Tristan
Today Mrs. Malkoske took us to the library and we made boats. I did it with a teacher. I put tin foil around the box, then I put clay on the inside. -Kaspir
When we went to the library we were building boats and I put lots of stuff on mine. I took forever. -Sydney R
Today we went to the library and we got to build our boats. I took a really long time because I put details on it. Tomorrow we're going to put it in the water table to see if it sinks or floats. -Ashley
Today in the afternoon we went to the library and we got to work on our boats and we choosed our materials and we started to build our boats but me and Jolene took a long time and we were kind of the last ones because we tried to make it look like a real pirate ship. We covered it with lots of tin foil and we scratched the clay. -Taylor

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