Thursday, February 9, 2012

We're back!

Today we did a project with salt and water colour paint and coffee filters and a piece of paper and ice cubes. We put the salt on the ice cubes and then after a while we put some water paint color and we put it on the ice cubes. After the ice cubes were all colourful and it looked so cool because the salt soaked in and the water went corner to corner like connect the dots. -Ashley
Today I did water color paint and we put it on ice cubes. -Nick
Today closer to the end of the day. We were watching some videos about science! One of the experiments was with dry ice. -Kendall
Today we had gym and in gym we had jungle gym. I had fun. -Kaspir
At the end of the day we went to library and we read some books and it was fun. We read 4 books. After that a visitor is going to come. It is Olivia's mom. It is going to be awesome! -Cameron