Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Busy First Week!

Welcome to Grade 1 & 2! We're going to have a awesome year! We have a whole bunch of new friends joining our classroom this year. Some of our classmates from last year have moved on to grade 3 and we look forward to visiting their classroom blogs thoughout the year. Here are some highlights from our week.

On the first day of school we did self portraits. We did it last year too. This year we painted it. Last year we coloured it with pencil crayons. Mine looks a lot better than last year. -Sydney
This week we made self portraits. We got a little bit of choice time. On Monday we're going to start glyphs. Today we started with O Canada and then after we went outside for Gym instead of having it inside. I saw flowers coming into the shcool. This morning I got to do my first TWAS with a full page and  a little bit more. I helped Ella for a little bit. Today is our first blog post with kids. Tomorrow is Saturday and it's the weekend. On the back of the TWAS page is a weekend job that you have to do and bring back to school. The job is to make a list of things you do at your house. -Rhianna
Today we did our first TWAS. I almost did a whole page. -Cameron
Today on TWAS I wrote a whole page. It was fun. -Nick
Today was the third day of school. I was late for school. I'm always late for school. -Rylee
Today we had Gym outside and I played with Sam and Nick. -Kaspir
We have new book boxes. -Reegan
Our book boxes are rainbow colours. -Rhianna
I got a new classroom. -Elly

Here is a song that we're learning in our classroom. Listen carefully to the words... What we are is AWESOME!

I am looking forward to another AWESOME year in Grade 1 and 2! It was so nice to start the year with my returning students and to meet our new classmates. We are just getting back into our routine and should be back to blogging EVERY DAY by next week... so stay tuned! -Mrs. Malkoske

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