Thursday, September 13, 2012

Time for Animals to Move

Yesterday we started our first Science Inquiry of the year. We're learning about Motion and Position. During our Inquiry, we're going to look at how people, animals, and machines move. We'll even design and build a machine that moves! Today we talked about animals moving and watched this video :)

Today we did some learning about how animals move. I hope you like this video just like the kids of room 9 like it! -Rylee

Today was fun! -Cayden
Today we watched a Madagascar 2 music video. It's about moving. The video was funny. -Nick
The video is called Move it! Move  it! I've watched Madagascar on tv before and I learned the song. I also met one more new friend. My friend is Cali. -Elly
Today we watched a video. It was Madagascar. After we cut animals out and glued them about how they move. It was fun. -Cameron
After the Madagascar video Mrs. Malkoske gave us a piece of paper with a bunch of animals on it. We had to sort them by how they move. There were lots of animals that had four legs. -Sydney


Ms. Nairn said...

Hello Mrs. Malkoske's Class,

Thank you for posting the Move it video. We had indoor recess at lunch today and played this at the end so that everyone had a chance to move. Thank you for visiting my class' blog and leaving a message for me. I have left a reply for you on our blog. I hope you are having a day full of amazing discoveries.

Ms. Nairn

Anonymous said...

Masen loves this video. I love it too.-rylee and masen ;)