Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Oliver Jeffers!

Today we had to do read to someone and me and Rhianna were partners. We were doing outher studes on Oliver Jeffers and we had to pick an Oliver Jeffers books and we picked The Way Back Home. - Sydney
Oliver Jeffers has made a lot of books that we have in our class room. He does the drawing and the writing. His first book is How to Catch a Star. His second book is Lost and Found. His therd book is The Way Back Home. His forth book is The INCREDIBLE Book EATING BOY. His fifth book is the great paper caper. Oliver Jeffers is from England Belfast but now he lives in Brooklyn New York. He makes Exhibits art and he enjoys a good game of rock paper scissors! He has Exhibits in painting in Belfast, New York, and Sydney. - Sydney
We read stuck and the first time it was funny and when Mrs. Malkoske went to a meating she herd that two other teachers had also read the book stuck that they were discussing that the tree terd different colors in each of the pages. We are still trying to figger out why! - Rhianna
Here's a link to Oliver Jeffers' website.


Jennifer Kasprick said...

Fantastic blog! I met Mrs. Malkoske the other night when she talked to a group of us about how she is blogging with you.
I have a daughter in Grade 1 in Brandon, Manitoba and she likes Oliver Jeffers, too!
Great work! Keep blogging!

ebrownorama said...

Hello Ms. Malkoske and students,
It is exciting that you are able to "live" the stories that you are reading by sharing your experiences with students in other classes. You are helping each other to explore different things in the stories and to help others to see details in the story in different ways. When I was in grades one and two there were no computers in our schools and we read stories on paper--that was it! I encourage you to continue exploring and learning and sharing--telling your parents and friends and family what you do in school--you have exciting opportunities for learning! Keep it up--you are encouraging others!
Mrs. Brown