Monday, September 24, 2012

Math & Daily 5

Today we had Daily 5. When I was reading I found information about rocks in a rock book. When I get home I'm going to look at the rocks in my rock garden and I'm going to crack them with bigger rocks and see what's inside them. -Rhianna
We did some math, adding and taking away. We had to use dominoes and we sorted them by number. -Sofia
Today I went with Mrs. Green and I read two books and I sounded out the words. Mrs. Green helped me a little bit. -Nick
Today we did some math with dominoes. We sorted them. Somebody got it mixed up. -Cam
I read a book to Mrs. Malkoske and it was fun. -Elly
When I was reading a book, I read two chapter books. -Kayla

In our math time this month we've been reviewing addition and subtraction facts to twenty using a variety of materials, games, stories and centres. Today the children in our class worked with dominoes. The thing that I was most impressed by was how well the groups worked as a team to count, add, sort and organize their dominoes. They had conversations about patterns and addition, strategized about how to organize, and cooperated and divided the work to be done. It is still early in our year together and I'm already seeing our older and younger students connecting, supporting, and celebrating together... and that's AWESOME :)

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