Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Cayden Joined Our Class!

Today Cayden came to our class. I like that because he's really special. -Nick
We had a little party to celebrate for Cayden. It was exciting. We all had fun. -Rylee
On the morning message Rylee was pointing to it, and when we all read it something special was in it that Cayden was coming to our class. For the celebration we had Rice Krispie cake with Smarties and choice time. -Rhianna
Cayden joined our class and we had a little party. We got to play on the iPads. -Elly
Today Cayden did math centres with us. We did 3 centres. It was Power of Ten, Pattern Blocks and Patterns. I did a whole bunch of patterns. -Cameron
Today a new kid came to our class. Yay! -Ella
To celebrate Cayden joining our class we made a book for him and had a little party. Mrs. Malkoske made a Rice Krispie Cake with Smarties. It was fun making the book. -Sydney

Today was an exciting day as we had a new student join our classroom. During our morning meeting I let the children in our class know that Cayden would be joining our crew. I was surprised and impressed with the kids in my room (although I shouldn't have been surprised!) as they suggested, and then insisted, that they make something for Cayden to welcome him. They talked about how nervous he must be feeling and thought that making a book with welcome messages and put ups might make him feel a little better. As a teacher, these are the moments that make my day. The kindness and caring that kids show one another is... AWESOME :) -Mrs. Malkoske

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