Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Building Ramps

I built a ramp with my group and it was fun. -Elly
Today we tested our wheels, big and small. The big ones went further and the little ones went closer. The little ones turned around. -Sofia
We built ramps to see if they worked. We had to push our wheels down the ramps. -Ella
Today when we tested our wheels, the big wheels went faster and the little wheels went slower. It was awesome! -Nick
It was fun building ramps because we got to work in a group. -Cali
Today my group found out that the bigger wheels went further than the little wheels. We were using the same force but it still did not work. -Rylee
Before we built our ramps we read a book and we learned some fancy science words. They were FORCE, STEEP, FRICTION, the 2 forces were PUSH AND PULL. Then we went to build our ramps and our group got to go by the library in our classroom. We leaned a long piece of cardboard by a chair and put our cars down. The bigger one worked better. -Syd
We tested our ramps. The big wheels broke a lot. They went faster than the little ones. The little ones were turning lots. -Cam
One of the fancy science words is AXLE. It is the part of a car where the wheels connect. -Andy
Me and my group were in the area where the book boxes are to build ramps. My group built a steep ramp and a non-steep ramp. -Reegan
To build the wheels we used plastercine on the inside and outside and for the axle we used a straw. For the wheel part we used plates. We tested them after we built them. The little wheels were a little food stick like for shishkabobs, and beads. -Rhianna

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Unknown said...

Would it have made a difference if you poured water on the ramp? How about if the ramp was sticky with syrup ? Just wondering! Thanks for sharing your fun experiments! -Vivian Boychuk (Reegan's mom)