Tuesday, September 18, 2012



Today we reread the book "Stuck" by Oliver Jeffers. We found this video of Oliver Jeffers reading it. It was read again because Mrs. Malkoske got a message from Ms. Nairn and Mr. Stimson and they sent the message and told Mrs. Malkoske that they read it too. When Floyd went to bed he forgot everything else in the tree!-Rhianna
Ms. Narin's class noticed that the whole time the tree turned different colours. We didn't notice that. Then we read it again and we discovered that it did have different colours! But haven't discovered why yet. -Rylee
We noticed the tree changed different colours. The tree was red when Floyd was mad. When he was sad it was blue. It was gray when he was frustrated. It was an awesome book. -Cam
The first time we read Stuck it was really funny. And then when Ms. Narin's class noticed that the tree turned colours we read it again and saw that it did. This time that we read it, we didn't laugh as much, we were more concentrating on trying to figure out why the tree turned colours. Ms. Nairn's class thought that it turned colours because of Floyd's feelings and Mr. Stimson's class thought it was the time of the day. -Sydney
I noticed that the letters S-T-U-C-K are stuck in the tree on the front. -Jonathan
I like the book because it was funny. -Elly
When the tree changed colour Floyd's face changed. His eyebrows changed. -Ella
It looked like unibrow. -Sydney
In the book, every time things went into the tree, it changed colours. -Cayden
Oliver Jeffers read it super fast. It seems like he's read it a million times. -Rylee

Today I was away from school in the morning at a committee meeting at the Manitoba Teachers Society. During our coffee break, I noticed that two Manitoba teachers that I follow on Twitter were discussing a book that the kids and I read (and loved) last week. They were posted some things that they noticed about the book. When I came back to school I told the kids about the discussion I read and they decided to look into some of the other classrooms' comments. We're hoping to set up a Skype date with the other two classrooms to continue our discussion about this great book! -Ms. Malkoske

Check out our post from last year about another Oliver Jeffers book, "How to Catch a Star".

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Ms. Nairn said...

Hi Ms Malkoske's Class,

We read your post about Oliver Jeffer's "Stuck". We also read "How to Catch a Star". We would love to Skype with your class. We really enjoyed reading your post and seeing your thoughts. Thank you for sharing your ideas about why the tree changed colour. We are going to try and find out the reason from Oliver Jeffers himself. If we find out we will respond in your blog.

Ms. Nairn's Class