Thursday, September 27, 2012

Choice Time

Today at the end of our day, the children in Room 9 had some Choice Time During choice time the children choose an activity to work and play independently or in a small group. The options available to them are connected to the curricular focus in our classroom. Some of today's options were connected to our inquiry topic, Machines & Motion, others were connected to our Daily 5, and others were connected to the Bag Up Manitoba recycle project we are starting next week. Choice Time is one of my favourite times in our classroom. The kids are given an option for learning and as such, stay focussed on thier activity for a longer period of time. They are given the opportunity to choose the direction of thier learning and today they made some great choices! -Mrs. Malkoske
 Here's what happened:
Today we made a book for Wallace because he was sick. He was supposed to come back yesterday but he didn't. We made it before Choice Time. Me and Cayden built a rectangle and we used our marbles on it. We built a small one first. Then we built a bigger one. I had fun with Cayden and the other kids who were playing with me. -Andy
My group did some sorting with papers. When we did the sorting we had to count all of them. I had lots of fun counting. The papers were about "Bag Up Manitoba!" We are starting Bag Up on October 1st. If you have any plastic bags send them to school in your bag. -Rylee
Today at the end of the day we did Choice Time after we made a get well soon book for Wallace. My choice was doing Work on Writing on the iPad. On the iPad I was writing on KidBlog. I did "Save as Draft" because I didn't finish 5 sentences. I was writing about my friends. -Rhianna
We drew a target and taped it. We flew our paper airplane to the target. I coloured mine with stripes. -Sam
I coloured my airplane with markers and stuff. I started throwing my airplane. My airplane got stuck. -Kaspir
Today I was blogging about Wallace. I really miss him. I wrote a lot of writing on my KidBlog. I was like a speedy person. -Nick
Today I made a book for Wallace. I had lots of details in my book. It had a double garage and some bubbles. On my Kidblog I taught Karys how to blog. I had only one sentece so far so I saved it as draft. I built a ramp in choice time. I had fun with lots of kids. And I had a big marble -Cam

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