Tuesday, September 25, 2012


This mornig some of the people in the class went to run club. 5 of the people went. they were me elly ella rylee and reegan went. we were running with mrs. malkoske. we went really far. when we got back ms. castor took a picture of us at the tracks. There was a few people behinde us in the back groud. we were at the back of the school. when we got back to school the bell did not ring so we played outside for  a bit.it was fun. - Rhianna 
today we went to runclub. I ran with Rhianna. it was fantastick. -ella
Today was run club. I had fun. I ran with mrs. malkoske.we got our picweher.Rylee
we went to runclub -elly
Today we did runclub. -Reegan

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